Your Donation Can Change Someone's Life


There are several different ways in which we can help others who are needy, one of them is charity. You don't have to have an extra amount of money or a lavish lifestyle in order to help others. You can help people by donating in every way or form doesn't matter how big or small of an act it is. When we talk about donation there are several different forms and ways to do so. Some people prefer donating money others contribute by donating things that are usable and can benefit someone. Charity is not just helping a friend in business or a relative in need, but there are other people out there who are also lacking basic facilities like health, food and education. In this blog we will discuss how your donations can make a big change in someone’s life.


When we talk about Pakistan we can very clearly observe the inflation rate and the lack of basic facilities in our country. Half of the people cannot afford the expenses if they fall ill or are born with a disease that requires continuous medical attention. Therefore, there are organizations like fatimid working for the sole purpose of helping these people, but they need people like us to stand with them and donate for the good cause. 

How fatimid is making a difference with your help:

When we are donating to an organization there are a lot of questions we raise like would they be utilizing this amount in the right thing? Would they carry out all the work they promised? All of these questions are justified because charity organization's sometimes promise a lot but fail in actually carrying out tasks and utilizing money in the right place. But, when we talk about fatimid, they are the most respected and distinct organization due to their work. They are helping thalassemia and hemophilia patients fight the disease and live their normal life.  Here's how both diseases are life threatening and need continuous medical attention:

    Thalassemia: thalassemia is an inherited blood disorder in which the hemoglobin in red blood cells is abnormally produced causing the red blood cells to disrupt quickly after formation resulting in deficiency of blood. The patients of thalassemia need blood transfusion for the rest of their lives.

    Hemophilia: hemophilia is also an inherited blood disorder in which blood’s clotting mechanism is affected thus a person can bleed too much from a small cut or can bleed to death in severe cases. Usually bleeding takes place in large joints. Hemophilic patients can face nose bleeds, gum bleeding, internal bleeding in the brain or bleeding in stool etc. this results in anemia and the patients need quick blood supply. They are treated with replacement of missing factors from blood plasma.


Both of the diseases require different treatments like in case of thalassemia, blood transfusion and in case of hemophilia, blood bags and plasma with physiotherapy. The treatment costs are different depending on the severity of disease which is unaffordable for the middle or lower class patients because continuous medical expenses are too much to bear, which is why these organizations need your contribution. The amount you donate can change someone's life.

How can you help?                   

Your donation can become a part of something big like saving lives when you are donating in the right place to a right trustworthy organization like fatimid that utilizes your donation in the most useful way possible. You can donate whatever amount you want there is no judgement and every penny matters for these people’s lives. If you are someone who likes to help people by donating to an organization for best utilization then here's how you can help fatimid:

Through blood donation:

If you are perfectly healthy and age between 18-64 then you can help by donating blood. Your blood is so valuable to thalassemia and hemophilia patients. It can serve as their line. One blood bag donation can save three lives as fatimid utilizes blood in the best way possible, they filter out plasma and components to make the most of its use so, donate now and save someone's life.

Through money:

If you want to contribute in the form of cash then, you are most welcome! You can help however you want in whatever form. You can donate through bank transfer or in form of cheque or pay-order and if you are living abroad you can send donations by i-care fund.

Through zakat:

If you want to donate your zakat amount then you can do that too. You can instruct your bank to transfer your zakat amount in favor of the fatimid foundation.


Your donations can help someone fight a life threatening disease. Your donation might become the reason that someone lives another day or the reason why a family won't lose their loved one. In a country like Pakistan where there are increased rates everyday, you can help someone have a normal healthy life. When you donate you have no idea how many people remember you in their prayers so, donate and save lives now! Fatimid is working for this noble cause they are helping thousands of people daily through their services and is always open for your help so, if you are looking forward to donating to a trustworthy and reliable place, visit their website now:

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