Donation is a selfless act. The idea of donating comes along with several undeniable facts. For example, you're donating to change the world. But there is a whole list of charitable Donations’ personal, mental and emotional benefits. It can also act as a stress reliever as it makes you feel good about yourself and boosts up your self-esteem and self-confidence. Just some steps to lead a happier and a healthier life. It is of no doubt that when you're doing charity, you're not just helping others, and you’re helping yourself too.


Let's assume you want to make a significant change in the world but you're not sure how and where to start from. It is highly suggested that you make a charitable Donation by researching on choosing the perfect recipient. Finally, when you're done donating - what happens next? BLESSINGS AND HAPPINESS! Here are some just a few out of the many things you can expect.

1.   More happiness

Cash Donations make you feel great about yourself. Assuredly, spending money on yourself holds utmost satisfaction, but to help others with your money and that too in a cause when you can perhaps help save a life, is unmatchable. FATIMID helps the under-privileged by helping them cure thalassemia, in which they try and gather a bunch of people to experience the great feeling. Charitable Donation is a great way to eliminate depression and anxiety because when you while doing the work, you develop a feeling of gratitude. It generally contributes to your wellness and well-being. Studies have proven that it makes you happier when you give rather than when you take. Your community ties tend to grow as well, making you a reputable citizen.

2.   Pure satisfaction

After doing enough research on the authenticity, you will have immense satisfaction that, no matter how big or small, you're contributing to the betterment of the world. The authenticity of Fatimid organization is reflected by the number of years we've been active and the number of patients we, along with many donors, have helped. With the passage of time, the beloved organization has nurtured into a national level cash Donation welfare.

3.   Tax benefits.

It is extremely important to do your homework before you practically perform. FATIMID is an IRS-approved organization where you get a tax deduction on our charitable Donation. While doing your taxes, you can deduct your charitable amount. This will deduct the amount from your taxable income and you will have to pay less comparatively less than usual as your tax amount. There is a limit to how much you can claim for charity Donations. For example, If you're in the 15% tax bracket, then your Donation of $100 will give a tax saving of $15. You will get the confirmation by the charity organization that you donate to and it will help you when it's tax time. You may keep the data in hard or soft copy with you so you can keep a record of the deductible amount.

4.   Set a good example.

Kids imbibe what they witness - therefore when they see you doing good for the world and its people, their brain automatically acquires the same. They're much more likely to develop caring and sympathetic attitudes towards everyone. It is really important to realize that the upbringing of their children should be such that they always want to be the first one to help others. They not only learn to donate, but they also learn the spirit of generosity and affinity towards others. Not only will you set an example for the kids but also adults who might also decide to do such great stuff. It is actually research proven that when children see their parents donating, they tend to donate as well. You should prep talk your children about the importance of Donations. This familiarizes them with the practice and lets them see things in a positive light. Without doing so, children can really grow up into cold-blooded adults, which in today’s realm is dominating.

If you're in dire need to donate for a special cause, we at FATIMID are looking for donors who can donate for our thalassemia patients. Our main aim is to help the impoverished lead a happy and healthy life, and it is not possible without people like you.

As it is famously said:

“We rise by lifting others”

For further details and queries about the procedure and meetings contact us now.

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