Be Prepared for World Diabetes Day

 According to the World Health Organization [WHO], almost 79000 people die each year from diabetes, with the rate increasing by 5% between 2005 and 2016. Your kidney, heart, and other bodily components are all affected by this life-threatening condition. Diabetes claimed the lives of an estimated 1.5 million individuals worldwide in 2019, serving as a wake-up call for diabetic sufferers all over the world. To put it another way, diabetes is one of the world's most important public health issues, endangering both human health and economic growth.

Every year on November 14th, World Diabetes Day is observed to raise awareness about the growing prevalence of diabetes across the world. The World Health Organization [WHO] and the International Diabetes Federation [IDF] created this day in 1999. Another reason this day is observed on November 14th is that it was on this day that a hero by the name of Sir Frederick, who developed insulin alongside Charles Best, was born.

The Effects of Diabetes on your Body:
Our body produces insulin, a hormone that turns sugar into energy. Diabetes is that dangerous disease that affects your body’s ability to produce insulin. Diabetes is among the world's top ten causes of death. These disorders, together with coronary heart disease, cancer, and respiratory problems, account for more than 80% of all untimely preventable fatalities.

Kidney Damage:                                
Diabetic kidney disease can harm your kidneys and impair their capacity to filter toxins from your blood. If your doctor finds diabetic nephropathy, or high protein levels in your urine, it might mean your kidneys aren't working correctly.

Circulatory System:
Diabetes increases your chances of having high blood pressure, which throws your heart under even more strain. High glucose levels can lead to the production of fatty plaques in the walls of the blood vessels.

Along with this, a diabetic patient may have the following symptoms:

·        Nerve Damage

·        Stroke

·        Heart Disease

·        Foot Problems

·        Cracked Skin

·        Sweet-Smelling Breath

·        Risk of infections

Purpose of Awareness Campaigns:

The primary objective of a diabetes awareness campaign is to educate individuals on how to survive with diabetes. Seminars, social media, and other channels such as radio and television are used to carry out these efforts.

On November 14th, you may do the following to increase awareness for diabetes patients:

·        Sign Petitions

·        Wear Blue

·        Create a fundraiser

·        Use the power of social media

We, the Fatimid Foundation, have been offering free specialist lifesaving medical treatment and diagnostic services for over a decade. We pray to you today, Almighty and Merciful God, to heal all diabetics, particularly those who have recently been diagnosed.

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