Fatimid Cheers On Mothers In Making With Pregnancy Guideline

When a woman plans to start or extend her family, she pays special attention to her health to ensure that the precious new edition comes to life healthy and well. Pregnancy is a sensitive period of time for women especially for women with already existing health conditions such as thalassemia.

Thalassemia is a blood disorder that is most likely inherited where the body doesn’t make enough hemoglobin. Female thalassemia patients may have serious problems in conceiving but with professional medical help they can eventually conceive but the process is much harder than normal pregnancy.

Fatimid foundation has always been an institute supporting the thalassemia patients hence here again for all those expecting thalassemia female patients here is a pregnancy guideline for thalassemia management during pregnancy:

·         It is important to keep in mind for thalassemia patients that if they and their partner have thalassemia then it is likely for their baby to inherit the condition.

·         Thalassemia management during pregnancy can be specifically stressful and hard to handle.

·         The heart and liver of the expecting lady patient should be closely monitored and taken care of.

·   Since the volume of blood in the mother’s body rises significantly during pregnancy, hence female thalassemia patients need to have their heart function checked before they become pregnant. During pregnancy, these females may need to have constant blood transfusions to minimize the amount of stress on the heart.

·      Thalassemia management during pregnancy is critical and with the fact that they have an increased risk of developing type 1 diabetes can make it more critical.

·   Folic acid is a crucial nutritional requirement through the early weeks of pregnancy for thalassemia expecting ladies.

·    It is of prime importance that expecting females with thalassemia should be in consultation with their doctors regularly to ensure their health and the health of their little one growing inside them.

Fatimid Foundation cheers on every being that is in constant fight with thalassemia especially those females who have to go through thalassemia management during pregnancy. Hence this pregnancy guideline is Fatimid Foundation’s gift to those strong mothers in process. Fatimid foundation is here to help you through pregnancy and thalassemia, just visit https://fatimid.org/ for updates, information and all the answers that you are looking for.

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